Exhibition “Degrees of Life” allows artistic view on microbial life


From 23 February to 11 March, visitors of the “Degrees of Life” art exhibition have the chance to interact artistically with their microbial environment. David Berry and Andreas Heberlein from DOME are part of the interdisciplinary team of researchers and artists that conceptualised the exhibition. The exhibition results from the FWF-funded project “Co-Corporeality”.

The FWF research project “Co-Corporeality” locates itself at an interface between architecture, art and science. The research focuses on communication with our microbial environment. By engaging individuals in unfamiliar communication with bacteria, “Co-Corporeality” asks how a person perceives their environment and inner world, which is strongly made and controlled by microbes. Here, an eye-tracking device is used that registers the human gaze and in response activates elements of the exhibition.

The research project is led by the University of Applied Arts. In addition to the DOME team, a team from the Institute of Materials Chemistry, Polymer & Composites Engineering (University of Vienna), as well as the Austrian Institute for Artificial Intelligence and the Institute of Microbiology at the University of Innsbruck are involved.

The exhibition can be visited between 23.2. - 11.3.2022 at University of Applied Arts, Rustenschacherallee 2-4, 1020 Vienna. Visits by appointment. More information on the exhibition and the link to book a visit can be found on the website of the University of Applied Arts.

Photos: (c) Co-Corporeality