New NanoSIMS project funded by the WWTF on multimodal molecular imaging

Arno Schintlmeister NanoSIMS

Arno Schintlmeister received a 90 kEUR funding from the WWTF Life Sciences multimodal imaging initiative. Together with Martin Krssak and Cecile Philippe from the MedUni Vienna, he will work as a Co-PI on a project on visualization of the glucose and fatty acid metabolism in animal models on the organ, tissue and single cell level by combining in vivo positron emission tomography (PET), magnetic resonance based deuterium molecular imaging (DMI), and NanoSIMS. From the University of Vienna, Siegfried Reipert from CIUS and Anton Legin from the Institute of Inorganic Chemistry will be on board with correlative TEM/NanoSIMS imaging.